MCEA Member Committees

  • Elections and Credentials Committee – Verifies all MCEA elections. Click here for more information about being an NEA or MSEA delegate.
  • Political Action and Legislative Support (PALS) Committee – is always seeking member involvement. The PALS Committee implements the political action activities of MCEA. It conducts one of the most thorough candidate screening processes of any organization in the county. Click here for details on the process and the criteria used by MCEA in evaluating candidates for public office. Members of this committee work year round to hold elected officials accountable and involve MCEA members ion political action year round. During the Maryland legislative session, the committee organizes lobby trips to Annapolis. Contact Nikki Woodward ( for more information.
  • Membership Committee – The committee works to involve more members in the union. Current projects include: SPARKS (a leadership development program for new educators), and coaching new MCEA reps.
  • Human and Civil Rights Committee –  The committee is charged with developing recommendations for, and implementing, the union’s work on issues of social and economic justice. This year the focus is on school connectedness and reducing the dropout rate. The committee welcomes new members.
  • Minority Affairs Committee – is chaired by Dionna Ricks, The committee is charged with promoting minority member participation in MCEA activities, clarifying district policies and gathering data on practices regarding recruitment/retention of minorities, developing skills that increase access to leadership positions for minority teachers and providing opportunities for interaction and dialogue among minority members.