Special Education Collaboration Committee

The Special Education Labor Management Collaboration Committee (LMCC) was created to provide a forum and a process for proactively addressing issues and resolving concerns related to serving students in special education programs.  MCEA members and the Central Services personnel responsible for special education will work collaboratively to examine and resolve issues and make proactive recommendations about how to maintain the highest level of service to students with changing needs and requirements.

MCEA Members of Special Education Collaboration Committee:

MCEA ES Resource Room Teri Stetson Fairland ES
MCEA Autism Latina Hilton Gaithersburg ES
MCEA Special Schools Dawn Hanna Longview School
MCEA Special Schools Anne Silbey RICA
MCEA RTSE Jessica Addison Newport Mill MS
MCEA PEP Robin Matthews Glen Haven ES
MCEA ED Jennifer Crown Tilden MS
MCEA ES Special Ed Erika Gilbert Gaithersburg ES
MCEA LFI/SCB Manal Agabein White Oak MS
MCEA Co-chair Tricia Skelly Karasik Center