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Montgomery County Education Association


PAC Sub Committee

Who We Are

The work of the PAC subcommittee will be to grow the MCEA PAC fund to not only meet but exceed our smart goals as set by MSEA.  Also, to educate membership on the use of PAC dollars and its importance.  PAC subcommittee members will be charged with being point on PAC drives and working with MCEA and MSEA staff to find opportunity to reach our goals.

The goal of this work is to have a thriving PAC fund that allows MCEA to increase its power with elected officials by having the resources to fund necessary expenses such as Apple Ballots, Lobbying Activities and field campaigns.

What We’ve Done

Over the past two years, members visited over 30 schools held PAC drives in order to increase teacher voice and power with our elected officials.  Over 400 members signed up to become new or increased PAC donors.

What’s Next

This fall during Back-to-School events, New Educator Orientation and Pre-service week, members and staff will be in every building hosting PAC Drives. Be on the lookout!