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Montgomery County Education Association


Lobbying Sub Committee

Who We Are

The work of the lobbying subcommittee will be to establish personal relationships with elected officials at all levels of government.  This will be done through attendance at events, scheduled 1:1’s with the elected and issue based lobbying in the form or meetings and testimony at hearings.

The goal of these relationships is to grow our capacity as a union to influence policy makers in areas that our membership is concerned about such as education policy and budgetary issues.  It is the hope that the members will become a person beyond MCEA elected governance and staff for our elected officials to call upon with questions and in the reverse that we can call those officials with our concerns.

What We’ve Done

Hundreds of educators joined in at budget forums to : 1. promote teacher autonomy 2. educating the whole child

We packed the halls of Annapolis which helped in passing. HB 978/SB 871 Protect Our Schools, HB 461/SB 452 Less Testing, More Learning and Governor Hogan’s Charter Bill never made it out of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Talked with County Council and the School Board about funding of our schools. #SchoolsMoCoStudentsDeserve

School Board 1-10-18 Update: 163 MCEA members showed up wearing red for public ed. County Executive Town Hall on 1-24-18 Update: over 100 educators packed the hall talking about Fixing our Funding. Like our Facebook page to watch the videos now.


What’s Next


Click here to see MSEA 2018 Legislative Priorities.

Member Co-chairs of Lobbying Committee: Brian Donlon & Carissa Barnes