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Montgomery County Education Association


Lobbying Sub Committee

Who We Are

The goal of the lobbying subcommittee is to grow our capacity as a union to influence policy makers in areas that our membership is concerned about such as education policy and budgetary issues.  It is the hope that the members will become people beyond MCEA elected governance and staff for our elected officials to call upon with questions and in the reverse that we can call those officials with our concerns.

What We’ve Done

Hundreds of MCEA members and community partners passed out thousands of Apple Ballots to elect pro-pub education

MCEA educators wearing Red for Ed packed CESC on December 19th for the MCPS Board of Education (BOE) and MCEA Board of Director (BOD) annual meeting. The BOD shared countless testimonials with the BOE from educators across the county.

Thousands of educators packed the streets of Annapolis to rally for the funding our schools need and deserve. The Montgomery Delegation along with the County Executive, members of the County Council, members of the BOE joined us in our efforts. Please check out the photos, videos, and pictures on our Facebook page.

  1. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2019RS/bills/sb/sb1030E.pdf
  2. The lobbying subcommittee has established Legislative District Leads to develop personal relationships with elected officials at all levels of government. They do this  through attendance at events, scheduled 1:1’s with the elected, and issue based lobbying in the form of meetings and testimony at hearings.

Members joined and supported fellow educators from Arcola ES and Roscoe E. Nix ES as they testified on June 12th to lobby the BOE for fair pay and benefits for the Innovative School Year contract.

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What’s Next

Over the 2019-2020, the Lobbying subcommittee will have multiple opportunities to lobby with County Council and MCPS School Board.