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Montgomery County Education Association

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Sub Committee


Who We Are

The work of this committee is to grow MCEA’s relationship with both our established community partners as well as working to build our capacity with new and untapped resources.  Members will be asked to participate in and keep the larger committee abreast to the activities of the larger Montgomery County Community as well as keeping them in the loop of MCEA activates.  The hope is that they will find opportunity where we can work side by side to improve education in Montgomery County.

The goal of this subcommittee is to move beyond transactional relationships with the community organizations and the Montgomery County community. As educators, we are a powerful group that is in every part of Montgomery County and we want to take that power and bust out of our silos to join with other groups working for the cause of public education and a better Montgomery.

What We’ve Done

Last year MCEA participated in Read Across America and officially partnered with CASA, CUAH, Progressive MD, and NAACP Parents council to work together for a better Montgomery County.

What’s Next

Be on the lookout for donation bins.