Political Action Community Engagement (PACE)

Through the PACE Committee, MCEA members engage both with our elected officials and the Montgomery County Community at large. We aim to form deep relationships with decision-makers and the residents they serve to make positive change in Montgomery County and to support the MCEA objectives. At that core of the PACE committee we engage in this work to ensure that all children across Montgomery County have access to public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society.


MCEA believes that public education is the foundation of a strong and thriving community, and is accomplished through:

  • Ensuring equity for all children,
  • Honoring the professionalism of educators,
  • Providing full funding of our public schools, and
  • Engaging community partners and stakeholders.

PACE SubCommittees:

Community Engagement  

Lobbying/Legislative District Leads  

Political Action Committee (PAC) 


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Become a PACE Activist today! Contact MCEA’s Political/Community Organizer Angie Ardis aardis@mceanea.org


Member chair of PACE: Nikki Woodward, nwoodward@mceanea.org