Music Collaboration Committee

The Music Collaboration Committee is charged with holding ongoing discussions and engaging in collaborative problem solving on matters of interest and concern germane to instrumental, choral and general music. The Music Collaboration Committee is expected to be representative and accountable to staff and involve staff in the decision-making/recommendation process.

Anne Burson, Co-chair GENERAL/CHORAL Arcola ES

Linda Adams, Co-Chair Fine Arts Supervisor, Pre-K-12 CESC

Andrea Cameron INSTRUMENTAL and GENERAL/CHORAL Sequoyah ES and Summit Hall ES

Melanie Jackson GENERAL/CHORAL Cedar Grove ES

Carrie Staub INSTRUMENTAL Matsunaga ES and Gibbs ES

Kari Liuzzi General / Choral John T. Baker MS

Holly Pasquale INSTRUMENTAL Takoma Park MS

Hilary Szczublewski Instrumental/Choral Forest Oak MS

Dan Grande INSTRUMENTAL Gaithersburg HS

Ron Frezzo GENERAL/CHORAL Richard Montgomery HS

Michelle Searle General/CHORAL Seneca Valley HS