Sick Leave Bank/FMCLB

The MCEA Sick Leave Bank is designed to assure that those members in most need during a period of sustained disability have paid leave available after their own sick leave has expired. Bank use is for extended personal illness or disability (i.e., pregnancy, surgery, or injury) suffered by the Sick Leave Bank member only.

Effective July 1, 2013, all new employees in the MCEA bargaining unit are automatically enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank. A new member may submit an Opt Out Form (see below) within thirty (30) days of their first duty day in order to cancel their membership for their initial year and receive a refund of their first year contribution. You may elect to end your membership in the Sick Leave Bank at any time, but cancellation requests received after that date will not result in a refund of the first year contribution.

New hires are eligible to apply for Sick Leave Bank benefits four months following their first duty day. Individuals who enroll in the Sick Leave Bank at a later time have to satisfy a one-calendar year waiting period.

The first year donation to the Bank is two sick leave days (10-month employees) or 2.5 sick leave days (12-month employees). Following the initial assessment, participants automatically donate one sick leave day per year to the Bank. Part-time employees’ contributions are pro-rated.

Individuals wishing to join the Bank at a later time need to complete a Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form (See below).

Requests for use of bank days by members must be made no later than 30 days after the expiration of their own sick leave.

The purpose of this memorandum is to establish the policies and procedures for the administration of the three Family Medical Crisis Leave Banks (FMCLB) which were created as a result of the 2017-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Board of Education and each of the unions referenced below.

The purpose of the Family Medical Crisis Leave Bank (FMCLB) is to provide sick leave to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) bargaining unit members after their accumulated sick leave, personal leave, annual leave, and any other paid leave available to them (e.g., Workers’ Compensation) has been exhausted. The Bank is intended solely for situations that are catastrophic and life-threatening to members of their immediate family and that require a unit member to be temporarily absent from his/her assignment. This leave is not available for an employee’s personal illness or injury. The Bank will be funded by voluntary contributions of sick leave from unit members. MCPS will provide 200 days of leave for initial seeding of each Bank for FY 2018.

Unit Member Benefits. Enrollment is required.


  1. Sick Leave Bank Rules
  2. Important InformationRead this before submitting your request!!
  3. SLB Request Form
  4. Physician Statement (MCEA Sick Leave Bank Request form MUST accompany the physician’s statement.)
  5. Opt-Out Form
  6. SLB Cancellation Form 
  7. Enrollment Form
  8. SLB Important Dates 2021-22
  10. FMCLB Dr’s Statement Form
  11. FMCLB Request Form

If you have any questions, please contact or telephone at  (301) 294-6232.


The MCEA/MCPS Sick Leave Bank provides excellent short-term disability income protection. However, our members have asked for long term protection in case of a disabling illness or injury which could halt work and a paycheck. As a result, a long term disability plan offered by American Fidelity Assurance Company is available to MCEA members.

This income protection plan provides coverage until your SSNRA (Social Security Normal Retirement Age)*. Complete details and options of the plan may be obtained by calling your local representative at 800-638-4268. Information is also provided on-site during special open enrollment periods.

*Age at which you are entitled to unreduced Social Security benefits based on current Social Security Amendments.

Click here for information on members only benefits opportunities on insurance plans offered through American Fidelity Assurance Company.