Building Rep Resources


MCEA Building Reps are the heart and soul of our union. Building Reps serve as our union’s leadership at the school or worksite by:

  • empowering educators to join and participate in MCEA
  • helping them solve problems arising from their work as educators
  • mobilizing collective action
  • getting other members involved in the work of our union


Become a Member of the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA)

Get Involved in Political Action & Community Engagement (PACE)

MCEA Sick Leave Bank

Join Our MCEA Educators United Facebook Group

Building Action Team (BAT) Best Practices

Best Practices for Signing Up New Members

MCEA Contract – SY2020-2021

MCEA-MCPS COVID-19 Recovery Plan 2020-2021 MOU

Building Representative Manual 

Investigatory Interviews Fact Sheet

Teacher PGS Handbook 2020-21

Sick Leave Bank Rules of Procedure

Interested in serving as a building representative? Questions about the role? Email: