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Montgomery County Education Association

Building Rep Resources


MCEA Building Reps are the heart and soul of our union. Building Reps serve as our union’s leadership at the school or worksite by:

  • empowering educators to join and participate in MCEA
  • helping them solve problems arising from their work as educators
  • mobilizing collective action
  • getting other members involved in the work of our union


Become a Member of the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA)

Get Involved in Political Action & Community Engagement (PACE)

MCEA Sick Leave Bank

Join Our MCEA Educators United Facebook Group

Building Action Team (BAT) Best Practices

Best Practices for Signing Up New Members

MCEA Contract – SY2018-2020

MCEA-MCPS COVID-19 Recovery Plan 2020-2021 MOU

Building Representative Manual 

Investigatory Interviews Fact Sheet

Teacher PGS Handbook 2018-19

Sick Leave Bank Rules of Procedure

Interested in serving as a building representative? Questions about the role? Email: helpdesk@mceanea.org