MCEA Councils on Teaching and Learning

“Those who are closest to the work should be the decision makers of the work.”

–President Chris Lloyd


The Councils on Teaching and Learning are representative Professional Learning Communities of educators devoted to improving student learning through stakeholder collaboration. Click here to view the complete Charge Statement describing the role and responsibilities of the Councils.

Council members represent the interests of their colleagues across the county, not just their personal views. They share these views in meetings with administration as they work together to improve the implementation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Members communicate regularly with their grade-level or subject-area colleagues to keep them informed and solicit their input.



Find out who your representatives are by clicking on the appropriate roster below:

2020-21 ES CTL Roster

2020-21 MS CTL Roster

 2020-21 HS CTL Roster

You can find more information on the HS CTL here


For more information on how you, a school-based MCEA unit member, can become a part of this unique collaborative process, contact your UniServ Director.

CTL Meeting Dates (please note these are closed meetings)