Who To Contact

MCEA’s field staff (UniServ Directors) are divided into two teams, the Individual Assistance Team and the School Assistance Team. The Individual Assistance Team helps individual members with issues that pertain solely to them such as evaluation concerns or school level discipline. The School Assistance Team works with entire schools and groups of members who may have concerns affecting many or all members at a school, such as workplace climate or overall working conditions.

Field Staff

Individual Assistance Team

Elaine Crawford – UniServ Director

Onsite assistance on: performance & evaluation  issues, school level discipline, conflicts with administrators, parents & staff; contract rights &responsibilities
Clusters served: Damascus, Clarksburg, Richard Montgomery, Wootton, Bethesda Chevy-Chase, Churchill, Watkins Mill, Gaithersburg, Magruder, Rockville , Walter Johnson and Whitman clusters.

Jerome Fountain – UniServ Director

Human Resources Issues; PAR clients, referrals & appeals; suspensions & discharges; workers comp and disability claims; leaves; payroll & benefits, retirement, certification

Andrew Macluskie – UniServ Director

Onsite assistance on: performance & evaluation  issues, school level discipline, conflicts with administrators, parents & staff; contract rights &responsibilities
Clusters Served: Down County Consortium (Blair, Einstein, Kennedy, Wheaton, & Northwood) Northeast Consortium (Blake Paint Branch, & Springbrook), Poolesville, Seneca Valley, Northwest, Quince Orchard, and Sherwood clusters, Special Education schools & itinerant services, MCITP, Pupil Services, and Central Services.

Mary Neal

Sick Leave Bank

School Assistance Team 

Leadership development, support for Leadership teams, Team Leaders and Resource Teachers. Assistance on improving school climate and culture, as well as member involvement in school-based decision-making on teaching and learning and organizing issues.


Angie Ardis – UniServ Director/Political Organizer

CESC, Offices, DAP, MCITP, Special Ed Schools & Programs, PPWs, Psychologists

Kim-Shawn Gary – UniServ Director

Middle Schools

Joia Jones – UniServ Director

High Schools

Lisa Markussen– UniServ Director

Elementary School clusters: Northeast Consortium, Damascus, Rockville, Sherwood, Gaithersburg, Magruder;

Amber Sansbury – UniServ Director

Elementary School clusters: Downcounty Consortium, B-CC, Richard Montgomery, Walter Johnson, Wheaton; MCITP, special education schools & programs, PPWs

Lauren Ashley Villa – UniServ Director

Elementary School clusters: Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Seneca Valley, Churchill, Clarksburg, Northwest, Watkins Mill, Whitman, Wootton


Office Staff

Sonya Addison-Dove

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant                                                

Kiwana Hall

Administrative Assistant

Ambereen Khan-Baker

Center for Teacher Leadership Teaching Fellow

Deborah Mackall

Conference Center/Events Coordinator

Jackie Thompson

Membership Coordinator

Diana White-Pettis

Finance Director

Heather Carroll-Fisher

Executive Director