Upon attendance of all 4 Modules of the MCEA Leadership Team Institute and successful completion of all required coursework for Modules 1-4  – you are eligible for 3 MSDE CPD.

You received an email from Coliena Ayele  ( with two attachments.
One was the CPD Digital E-form and the other was Guidelines for Completing Your CPD Paperwork.

On the CPD Digital E-Form – you needed print out two copies, write in your name, your school, last 4 of your social security number and indicate whether or not you hold a valid teaching certificate. When you submit ONE copy of the form to the MCPS Office of Certification,  the Certification Office will sign on the “Signature of Professional Development Liaison”  line. Keep the SECOND copy form for your record until you receive the signed copy from the MCPS Certification Office. After submitting your form to the Certification Office you will receive a copy for your record from the MCPS Certification Office. Should you have further questions about HOW to submit this form to the MCPS Certification Office check with your school’s SDT or contact Marie Bercaw, MCPS Certification Coordinator at 301-279-3112

Note: At this time, the MCPS transcript will not include coursework taken outside of MCPS.  Educators on the A-D salary lanes must contact the Certification Unit for a record of their post-baccalaureate coursework.  PDO will only include MCPS courses or workshops. If you would like to make sure all of your completed coursework is in your certification file, then you will need a post-baccalaureate record (PBR). You can request this once per year to see what coursework is on file toward salary advancement and certificate renewal. If you’ve received a PBR in the past year, then simply add those credits to your totals. Due to the high demand for this information, it is currently taking 4-8 weeks to fulfill requests.

It is important that you keep your signed copy. MCEA WILL NOT BE KEEPING A RECORD OF THIS FOR YOU. If you intend to use this for recertification at some point in the future, you must have an original copy to send with your application for renewal to MSDE. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP THAT ORIGINAL.

Should you have further questions regarding processing your CPD credits for Recertification Purposes, please visit the following MSDE website  (See MSDE CPD Credit Slips section)