Teaching & Learning

Leadership, Innovation and Lesson Design Course  (NEW!) – A great deal of innovation, creation and planning for the school year occurs during teachers’ “time off.” MCEA’s Center for Teacher Leadership believes you should get credit and support for this work. Improving student achievement is a central part of the union’s mission. Not only is it the right thing to do, but we also recognize that the well-being of our members depends on the success of our schools. MCEA works in a number of areas to improve the quality of teaching and learning. 3 CPD credits

Leadership Team Institute So You’re The Leader Of A Team. Now What? Attend MCEA’s Leadership Team Institute. The Institute consists of four, full-day sessions. Select one or all in any order best suited to your needs. Who Should Come? Team Leaders, Resource Teachers, Elected Faculty Reps, MCEA Reps and other School Leadership Team members.

Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) Committee – MCEA believes that it is critical to empower members to foster equity and diversity, promote best practices, increase member awareness of contractual policies and provide information and resources to support teaching and learning. Committee members increase their leadership capacities knowledge and skill in order to achieve these goals.

Councils on Teaching and Learning (CTLs) – MCEA believes that the involvement of frontline educators is essential for the improvement of curriculum, instruction and assessment. Through our Councils on Teaching and Learning, elected representatives – by subject area and grade level – work with the central administration it ensure that the perspectives and needs of frontline educators are central to all district decision-making about curriculum, instruction and assessment.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) – NBPTS national certification provides recognition for highly skilled teachers. The year-long application process itself is regarded as one of the best professional development opportunities available. MCEA coordinates one of the most extensive programs in the nation for supporting teachers pursuing national board certification.

Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) – MCEA is one of only a handful of teacher unions across the country that has worked with the school district to implement a radical redesign of the teacher evaluation system. Through the PAR Program, MCEA shares responsibility for setting standards, for providing support to novice and under-performing teachers, and for assessing evaluations of teacher performance.



MSEA offers workshops and trainings for members on important public education issues such as school quality, student achievement, the achievement gaps, new teacher retention, collective bargaining, cultural diversity, classroom management, new teacher retention, and more. Click here for details.