Welcome New Board of Directors Members!

MCEA held a special election for two high school MCEA Board of Directors seats. Six candidates gave speeches at the Representative Assembly and answered questions from building representatives.  Afterwards, representatives cast their vote for the two candidates they wished to have on the Board of Directors.


Glenn MillerGlenn Miller stated, “as a member of the board of directors I will work hard, listen to the concerns of teachers, and try to find solutions to problems we face every day. Some days those will be curricular problems, other days those might be economic problems. Whatever the concern is, I plan to put forth maximum effort on behalf of my peers.”




Cindy Lotto jpg

Cindy Lotto says, “I am excited to join the MCEA Board of Directors.  I have been in MCPS at Gaithersburg High School for 12 years and am excited to push for social justice in this new position.  I am concerned about the portrayal of educators throughout the country and want to use the position to help change the narrative about how teachers are perceived in the community and see themselves.”