Transfer Season Begins March 23


The 2017 MCPS Transfer Season Timeline

  • March 6-10, 2017 Individuals notified if being Involuntarily Transferred
  • March 23, 2017 Involuntary Transfer meeting hosted by HR
  • March 30-April 28, 2017 Initial Voluntary Transfer window open

Principals at Title I schools, and at secondary schools with a 50% or higher FARMS rate, may interview at their school on the day prior to job fairs and offer positions.

  • April 28-May 5, 2017 Transfer window is closed; Priority Placements assigned
  • May 8(1)-July 20, 2017 Voluntary Transfer window is open

Frequently Asked Questions…Answered!

  • Who can voluntarily transfer? Any member who has had two or more years of satisfactory evaluations, and who is not currently included in the PAR Program, may seek a voluntary transfer. Second year members who have received a “meets standard” evaluation may also pursue a transfer.
  • What is an involuntary transfer? Members who are told they will be transferred due to changes in student enrollment or program needs at a school. These members are subsequently put on the “Priority Placement” list. In addition, members returning from long term leave are also considered Priority Placements.
  • How does a Principal/Supervisor decide who is involuntarily transferred? If a reduction in a department/school is necessary, Principals/Supervisors can ask for volunteers to be involuntarily transferred. If there are none, the following steps will determine the impacted employee:
    • System wide seniority – as a permanent, certificated employee, from your most recent date of hire(2)
      • Note: Members with part-time allocations in a school may be reduced first, regardless of seniority, to minimize the number of employees and school impacted.
    • Area of competence/certification
    • Major/minor fields of study
  • What is the process for an involuntarily transferred employee to obtain a new position? Once a member has been identified as an involuntary transfer, they can schedule interviews for the Job Fair through MCPS Careers. If a member does not secure their own position during the Initial Voluntary Transfer window (indicated in the above timeline), they will be assigned a position during the Priority Placement period, with notice by May 6 2017. A member who has been assigned as a Priority Placement may seek a voluntary transfer from that assignment until July 20, 2017 if they are not satisfied with their placement.
  • If someone is involuntarily transferred, but the allocation for their position comes back to the work site…can they have their job back? Absolutely! If the employee accepts, or is placed into, a new position through the involuntary transfer process, but finds that their former position comes open, they have a contractual right to return to the building, until July 20, 2017(3), if they choose to do so.

1 Date is approximate and may be moved, if necessary, to complete processing of priority placements.

2 If a member resigned, transferred bargaining units, etc. within their MCPS tenure, only the most recent hire date is used for seniority purposes. Your seniority date can be confirmed with ERSC.

3 Changes may occur after July 20th if both the receiving and releasing Principals/Supervisors agree to the change.

  • What is a “tight field”? When the number of involuntary transfers is close to the projected number of open positions, the field may be identified as “tight.” Tight fields are frozen until after priority placements are completed. This means that if you’re not already in that field, you will have to wait until the second transfer window to apply. (Ex. You’re a current Special Educator, but wish to seek a position in Math. If Math is designated as a tight field, you’d need to wait until May 8th to apply for Math positions.)
  • How do I change from part- to full-time, or vice versa? You must apply to do so on MCPS Careers and be approved for the status change. Status changes generally aren’t approved until after the Priority Placement period. Note: You cannot be hired for a greater or lesser allocation without having first been approved through the MCPS Careers process, even if you’ve successfully interviewed.
  • When will leadership positions be advertised? Leadership positions may be advertised on March 8th and offered as early as March 10th.


  • Applying for positions does not guarantee an interview.
  • An interview does not guarantee a position.
  • You may – or may not – receive a confirmation that an application was received by a school/work site; this is at the Principal’s/Supervisor’s discretion.

The transfer process can be overwhelming, but there are several processes and contractual protections in place to ensure a fair experience. If you have questions about the process, or need assistance, please consult with a MCEA Building Representative at your work site.

If needed, you can speak to a MCEA UniServ Director at (301) 294-6232.

For more information, please visit this link: