MCEA announces final recommendations for County Council Districts 1, 2, 4 and At-large seats

The Montgomery County Education Association today announced the last set of results of its candidate screening and recommendation process for county races in the upcoming primary election. MCEA represents more than 12,000 teachers employed in the Montgomery County Public Schools.

MCEA’s recommendations are determined by a vote of the Representative Assembly, its governing body made up of teachers from schools all across the county. MCEA advertised its candidate selection process in numerous ways and contacted all known candidates. Questionnaires were sent to every candidate who requested one, and a large committee of rank-and-file teachers interviewed each candidate. All the candidates’ questionnaires are posted publicly on the MCEA website. The committee then made recommendations to the MCEA Board of Directors, which in turn made recommendations to the Representative Assembly. All recommendations require a super majority vote at each step in the process.

In District 1, MCEA has recommended support for Roger Berliner. In District 2, MCEA has recommended support for Craig Rice. In District 4, MCEA has recommended support for Nancy Navarro. In the At-large race, MCEA has recommended support for Marc Elrich and Hans Riemer. All five of these candidates in this race impressed the interview teams in their discussions of the ongoing challenges MCPS faces – enrollment growth, the increased demand for special education and English language services, the achievement gap, and the need for funding to meet the needs of our students and attract and retain the highest quality educators. In addition, the interview teams, the Board, and the Reps considered the history of each incumbent in regards to the county’s tax policy, their support for increased funding of our public schools, and their history of positive engagement with the school system and MCEA. Finally, the groups considered the temperament of each candidate and how she/he interacted with the interview teams and with school system leaders during the recent Montgomery County budget discussions.

“We are proud to support each of these candidates,” stated Doug Prouty, President of MCEA. “They have a history of recognizing the key role MCPS plays in the quality of life for Montgomery County residents, both those who have students in our schools and those who do not. The recent years of the budget process have been difficult as the county and school system faced cuts and we are glad to have weathered those times together. We look forward to working with the Council and the County Executive in the coming years to continue to improve our schools and keep our partnership with MCPS on the cutting edge of public school reform.”