MCEA Elections 2017

Between April 10th and May 1st, MCEA members will elect colleagues to serve on the MCEA Board of Directors. Positions up for election include: 1 Elementary School Director, 1 High School Director, 1 At-Large Director, 1 Non-school Based Director, and 1 Retired Director. All members vote for candidates in all races. Written statements from all declared candidates can be found in the MCEA Advocate, and video of each candidate who gave a speech at the April Representative Assembly can be found below. As there was only one candidate each for the Non-School Based and Retired Director positions, they will speak at the May RA.

Candidates for Treasurer

Heather Hunter

Jennifer Jones

Treasurer Questions

Candidates for High School Director

Cindy Lotto

Brandy Reazer

High School Director Questions

Candidates for At-Large Director

David Airozo

Lakeisha Burrison

Melissa Porter Parks

James Ransome

Chad Wilson

Mary Ellen Wolfinger

At-Large Director Questions

Candidates for Elementary School Director

Karen Greene-Turner

Susan Loftus

Java Robinson

Elementary School Director Questions