Leadership and Innovation in Curriculum Programming

Who should attend?

All MCPS teachers who are looking to learn more about effective and innovative lesson planning!  This course is designed and taught by MCPS colleagues who will help you develop and create plans that will increase student performance and teacher effectiveness. These will be a working sessions and it is advise that you bring a laptop and materials needed for planning (i.e. online curriculum guide, lesson template, etc).

Who will benefit?

Meeting the needs of all learners in your classroom is a professional challenge. The ability to plan effectively for these challenges is a skill learned through strong support and modeling. Skillful planners reclaim time in their personal AND professional lives, making them even more valuable members of their teams while improving their work-life balance.

What will I be required to do?

  • Attend 3 mandatory face-to-face classes, all held at MCEA at 12 Taft Court, in Rockville, MD.  These days will focus on using data to drive lesson design, differentiation and engagement strategies. The agenda for these meetings will include structured, collaborative work time allowing you to research resources, draft lessons and receive feedback on your work. Structures and groupings will be flexible but the time commitment is mandatory – due to the compacted instruction schedule, there can be NO exceptions to this policy.
  • You will have 7 hrs of online coursework via Google Classroom.
  • You will be required to track an additional 28 hours of “on your own” planning and support work following the face-to-face meetings. You will track this on a course log. Regular updates to your course facilitators via online resources will be required.
  • A final exit summary and written reflection of your work will be scheduled with your facilitator. This is included as one of your 3 mandatory face-to-face sessions.
  • The grade for this course is pass/fail determined by attendance, coursework and completion of your final product.

Leadership and Innovation in Curriculum Planning  Credits– 3 CPD

Tuition for attendance is $200.  Members of the Montgomery County Education Association receive a 50% discount and pay $100.  This course is eligible for 50% tuition reimbursement under the terms of the MCPS Tuition Reimbursement Program.   


1) Tue 1/10 (5-8:30), Wed 1/11 (5-8:30), Sat 3/4 (8:30-3:30)

2) Tue 3/14(5-8:30), Wed 3/15 (5-8:30), Sat 4/22 (8:30-3:30)

3) Tue 5/9 (5-8:30),Wed 5/10(5-8:30), Sat 6/17 (8:30-3:30)