New Members

On behalf of your 12,000+ new colleagues in the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA), welcome to the Montgomery County Public Schools. Congratulations on joining a community of educational professionals committed to the advancement of public education and success for all students. MCEA represents all teachers and non-supervisory professionals in MCPS. We are the local affiliate of the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

We believe that a quality education is a fundamental right of every child, that all children can learn, and that high quality teaching is essential to student success.

We believe that classroom teachers must provide leadership in defining and addressing the needs of our schools. We believe that with leadership also comes responsibility: and that we have an obligation not just to critique that which we do not like but to provide vision, practical solutions, and the hard work necessary to make positive changes that will improve our schools.

Our commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning is based not only on moral principle but also on the practical understanding that the future well-being of our members depends upon the future success of our schools.

Welcome to MCEA– An overview of our mission, what we believe, our staff and governance operations and essential programs – including how you can be involved!

Membership Comparison Chart– A quick look at the benefits of membership in MCEA.

MCEA Membership Enrollment Card– Fill this out and return it to MCEA to join the Association!

MCEA Substitute Teacher Membership Enrollment Card – Fill this out and return it to MCEA to join the Association!

Representation Fee Notice  – Under state law, MCEA is legally obligated to provide representation and assistance to all employees in our ‘bargaining unit’, and all educators represented by MCEA are obligated to either join or pay a “Representation Fee” for the services MCEA is required to provide.

MCEA Contract FAQ – Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding working conditions, leave, hours and more!

MCEA Wellness Incentives – Read this flyer to learn how to access wellness incentives that reduce your health insurance premium!

Sick Leave Bank Rules of Procedure – Learn about the sick leave bank, of which all new teachers are automatically a member!

Sick Leave Bank Opt-Out Form – All new employees in the MCEA bargaining unit are automatically enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank. A new member may submit an Opt Out Form  within thirty (30) days of their first duty day in order to cancel their membership.

Political Action Fund Contribution Form – Important decisions affecting us are made by those who are elected to office. They impact our salaries, our pensions, our class sizes, and the programs and services we are able to provide to our students. Thousands of MCEA members make small biweekly contributions directly from their paychecks to the PAC Fund because they understand the relationship between the classroom and the ballot box. Your support of this work will ensure that voters elect candidates who are the best advocates for our schools, and that we are able to hold elected officials accountable. If you are interested in participating, fill out this form and return it to MCEA. You can also use this link to sign up online using our secure website. 


The PAR program is a cornerstone of the new evaluation process within the Professional Growth System. Originally proposed by MCEA, PAR represents a qualitative shift in how the school system supports and evaluates teachers. MCPS is one of only a handful of school districts nationally where the teachers union shares responsibility for ensuring that all teachers meet the school system’s high performance standards. The PAR program is run by a joint panel of representatives from MCEA and from the principals’ association. PAR serves two groups of teachers:

  • novice teachers – first year teachers with no prior teaching experience
  • experienced teachers who have received a below standard evaluation from their principal

For both groups, PAR provides intensive assistance to the teacher, and is responsible for an independent assessment and recommendation for continued employment, continued assistance, non-renewal or dismissal. You can download the PAR Brochure here.