• Information About Janus

    An important message from the MCEA Board of Directors about the Janus decision and what it means for you....
  • Who Do You Trust?

    Anti-union activists are targeting our community. Read about what you can do to fight back....
  • MCEA Wins for Members!

    Great news! MCEA members and other affected MCPS employees will see a refund on their March 2nd paychecks for $425K in health insurance overcharges due to errors with tobacco attestation....
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Have you ever dreamed of representing your fellow Montgomery County educators at the state and/or national level? Then run for a delegate seat for the 2018 MSEA and/or NEA Conventions.
Forms are due no later than Friday, February 2, 2018 at 5:00 PM. No submissions made after this time will be considered.

For forms and information about each Representative Assembly click here.


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    Apple Ballots will be arriving in your mailboxes soon! If you have questions regarding who has received the Apple Ballot recommendation for Montgomery County or other counties before then, please go...
  • MCEA Regional Organizer

    BECOME AN MCEA REGIONAL ORGANIZER Looking to be active in your Association, become a MCEA Regional Organizer! Please click here to apply. Deadline: Friday, October 19th. Regional Organizer (RO) Position Description ROs are...


  • Vacancy: Board of Trustees for the State Retirement and Pension System September 5, 2018
    September 5, 2018 Pursuant to MSEA's Guidelines for Endorsement of Candidates for Trustee to the State Retirement and Pension System's Board of Trustees, any retiree of theTeachers' Pension System or the Teachers' Retirement System interested in serving on the Board of Trustees and receiving MSEA's endorsement shall submit a letter of intent to Kristy Anderson at 140 Main […]
  • Poll: Maryland Educators Facing Financial Strains August 22, 2018
    More than 40% of Maryland educators work a second job to make ends meetWednesday, August 22, 2018 Adam Mendelsonamendelson@mseanea.org(410) 353-9689 A new poll of Maryland educators finds that many educators work second jobs, spend their own money on school supplies, and run up personal debt just to make ends meet. Poll findings include: In the […]

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