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Our students need your support. Email Governor Hogan and your State Reps to tell them to fully fund education & reverse Governor Hogan’s education cuts!

Right now Congress is working on re-authorization of the law that has come to be known as No Child Left Behind.
Tell Congress to pass an education bill that allows students to learn rather than focus on high-stakes standardized tests,


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  • Educators Advance Pro-Public Education Policies During General Assembly Session April 14, 2015
    “Public education came under assault this legislative session, but between incredible educator and parent engagement and pro-public education champions in the General Assembly, we were able to pass a budget that continues a strong commitment to public education,” said MSEA President Betty Weller. “Crucial funding is now available for our schools—all Gov. Hog
  • Educators: Still Time for Gov. Hogan to Do the Right Thing April 13, 2015
    Inexplicably, Gov. Hogan appears prepared to punish Maryland’s public schools and our students as revenge for not getting his way on his initiatives, including a misguided voucher scheme to send $5 million in public funds to private schools. Despite overwhelming, bipartisan support in the General Assembly just three weeks ago to restore $132 million in Gov.

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